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EIP Pte Ltd (formerly known as SealTeck Pte Ltd) was inaugurated in 2003 with the sole objective of introducing new technology into everyday tape-sealing applications and vision inspection. With special German & USA partnership, giving both good technical support and R&D facilities / experiences, SealTech is well-positioned to launch favourably this niche tape-sealing and vision inspection systems.

While the technologies harnessed in our systems are not new, the applications and usages in the use of these technologies are quite revolutionary. They aim to maximise cost-efficiencies and increase productivity on the semiconductor production floors, while reducing un-needed costs.

EIP's unique ultrasonic tape-sealing system gives very consistent sealing results with much less variation in peel-strength compared to conventional thermal-sealing machines. Through intensive research and development, EIP's ultrasonic sealing system has easier process control due to its only 2 parameters for adjustment, as compared to conventional systems' 4 or more. This stability and reliability are the advantages in using the ultrasonic sealing system.

EIP's other revolutionary product is its OCTAVEO BGA Vision Inspection system. It uses an unique OCR technique in inspecting BGA devices. It is a high speed, accurate and cost-effective ball-check system for BGA devices at post-test.

Our products are fully elaborated further within our website. Should you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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