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UIW300 Ultrasonic Sealing System

The UIW300 Ultrasonic Sealing System is a revolutionary sealing system for tape and reel machines using ultrasonic technology. It consists of motor control and ultrasonic power units. The robust construction and unique software control makes it suitable for all thermoplastic sealing applications.

UIW300 Ultrasonic Sealing system does not need any cooling system and is able to operate in a long continuous mode. This makes tape sealing a breeze as compared to conventional thermal sealing.

A special frequency scanning software ensures a constant oscillation at the sonotrode to produce a stable good seal throughout the tape-sealing process. With the continuous feedback control, the power of oscillation and sealing pressure is maintained constant even under "On/Off" operation and with undulating sealing surfaces. Thus, a more consistent sealing force is achieved.

In the long run, not only will your taping costs be greatly reduced, but you will also enjoy reliable and stable good seal in all your tape-sealing processes.


The Ultrasonic Sealing System consists of the following elements :-

  • Ultrasound transducer
  • Sonotrode with integrated welding head
  • Mechanical fixture with DC motor, fine pitch lead screw and linear slide
  • Ultrasound and motor controller
  • Opto-isolated input/output interfacing
  • Operator console
  • Mounting bracket to hold the transducer and mechanical unit

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